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This resource features an updated list of the ICETE Academy fellows (Associate - AIAF, Full - IAF and Senior - SIAF)

Partnering organisations

Oxford Centre for Religion and Public Life (OCRPL)

OCRPL is currently engaged in equipping theological educators in the global south through research based programmes. One of the important areas that we are focusing is equipping them with pedagogical skills through the ‘training of trainers’ involved in theological education. Alongside we are conducting training for tutors, supervisors, teachers and examiners to enhance their skills in pedagogy, digital, ELearning and technology platforms.

GILD facilitates three areas:

  • Firstly, we invite theological educators and executives of theological institutions to a place, listen to them and encourage them to identify the gaps in the existing theological curriculum. Following this, we facilitate to address these gaps by developing courses and curriculums and helping them with resources.
  • Secondly, we have been engaging in training through conferences and workshops on focused areas as and when a need is expressed. We have been able to address few areas such as – Emergency intervention arising due to COVID 19 pandemic, online theological education and online resources.
  • Finally, we are in the process of building a network of networks to share best experiences and practices in theological education for collaboration and sustainable development.

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