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Partnering organisations

Association of Biblical Higher Education

The Association of Biblical Higher Education (ABHE) has 150+ member institutions in Canada and the USA.

The ABHE’s Constitution states the following: 'ABHE is the quality and credibility resource partner that connects efforts among Christian postsecondary educational institutions and with others invested in serious Bible learning that shapes a life of godly influence and service to the most effective means for maturing, thriving, and sustaining'. 

The Association seeks to fulfill its mission by providing professional resources and services that exemplify and stimulate excellence. The ABHE website’s Leadership Development tab states the following: 'Thriving institutions are led by distinguished leaders who serve from the well-spring of a Christ-like character, who enjoy the fruit of professional competency and who exhibit the grace of expanding leadership capacity'. 

The ABHE is passionately committed to developing these kind of leaders for the biblical higher education movement. A growing array of opportunities are available for ABHE leaders designed to sharpen their leadership edge in the following areas: Conferences, Certified Advancement Professional (CAP) Program, Certified Enrollment Professional (CEP) Program, Faculty LIFE, Executive Coaching, and Honor Society. We anticipate launch of an additional Board Governance Certification program beginning with our February 2019 Annual Meeting.

The ABHE is pleased to work with the ICETE Academy in sharing the ABHE Knowledge Center resources, in working collaboratively with other regional ICETE networks to develop Visiting Evaluation Team training materials and courses and in sharing the ABHE Faculty LIFE training program. 

Visit the ABHE website here.

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