ICETE Academy Directory

This resource features an updated list of the ICETE Academy fellows (Associate - AIAF, Full - IAF and Senior - SIAF)

Partnering organisations

INCREASE Association

The Increase Association, also known as "Increase", connects and strengthens TEE and other church-based training movements across Asia and beyond. Its members are self-governing national bodies, but work in partnership to achieve more together than each could achieve alone.  Increase also interacts with Christian educators beyond its own membership for mutual sharing of resources, good practice and innovation.

The vision of Increase is to see  “churches equipping all Christ’s followers in their contexts,  so that many millions are discipled and empowered for mission, ministry and leadership.”

Although Increase’s current strength is in TEE it is not restricted to this; in future it could provide short courses  in other forms of church-based theological education.

Visit the INCREASE website here.

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