Partnering organisations

Asia Theological Association

The Asia Theological Association (ATA) has 326 member institutions in Asia, the Pacific, North America and Europe. In addition to accreditation work, the ATA facilitates seminars/workshops and consultancy services in areas like curricula and program development, academic leadership, faculty development, and teaching methodologies.  ATA has offered Asia-wide Deans Seminars (for five consecutive years), Writers Workshops, training on Doctoral Supervision/Mentoring, Developing a Research Culture/Research Skills, and Online Learning. 

Following the methodology and curriculum of the Global Associates for Transformational Education (GATE), ATA has started a four-year faculty workshops in North India, South India, Nepal, and Mongolia. 

As an educational development agency, ATA seeks to facilitate seminars and consultancy services in areas like organizational structure, curricula and program development, vision, library development, faculty development, governance, finance, leadership development, and teaching methodologies.

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