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This resource features an updated list of the ICETE Academy fellows (Associate - AIAF, Full - IAF and Senior - SIAF)

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The International Council for Evangelical Theological Education is a network of global quality assurance agencies representing over 1200 theological colleges.  

ICETE's origins are rooted in the emergence of networks of evangelical theological schools in the majority world during the late 1960s and early 1970s. From among these new associations came a call for some means by which they might be in regular contact and collaboration at the international level. The WEA Theological Commission agreed to sponsor the project, and ICETE was formed in March 1980. In the years since its founding ICETE has become the established forum for dialogue and cooperation among evangelical theological educators internationally. ICETE has also taken a leading role in fostering renewal and excellence in evangelical theological education globally. ICETE's membership now covers all major regions of the world.

The ICETE regularly organises global consultations around key themes and provides these materials for ICETE Academy courses. 

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