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Partnering organisations

Overseas Council

Overseas Council (OC) partners with theological schools to support theological education and Christian leadership development in the Majority World.  OC equips Christian leaders by partnering with vital seminaries worldwide to advance God’s Kingdom.  Overseas Council is a ministry of United World Mission.  

Overseas Council started as a vision of a group of Indianapolis businessmen, in 1974, to provide scholarship support for seminary students in South Korea.  For more than forty years, OC has supported seminaries through scholarship funds, capital investment projects, and faculty development.  The partnering brings together churches, individuals and foundations in North America, with theological seminaries and leadership development ministries in the Majority World.  Through these partnerships, OC urges theological education programs to be rooted, responsive, accessible and sustainable.  

The Institutes for Excellence has become a key feature of our partnership through continuing education and leadership formation for the leaders of OC’s partner schools.  OC’s Regional Directors are essential to OC’s value that theological education must be responsive to its context.  

Overseas Council has become the largest ministry of its kind in the world, providing various kinds of assistance through partnerships with 130 theological institutions in 70 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and North Africa. 

Overseas Council is committed to work with the ICETE Academy in areas such as the certification of its Institutes for Excellence, in designing courses to share the wealth of materials accumulated in many years and many regions of the world and in encouraging individuals in partner schools to pursue ICETE Academy Fellowship.

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