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IPAL - ICETE Programme for Academic Leadership

IPAL is a service offered to the member associations of ICETE as part of a three-year training effort to offer professional training to individuals in positions of academic leadership in training programmes affiliated with these member associations.

IPAL has had three basic purposes: to strengthen ICETE’s regional networks as they serve the training programmes affiliated with them through the bringing together and the offering practical services to member institutions of those regional theological networks; to offer practical skills in academic leadership to those who are in roles of academic leadership, but who rarely have been equipped for the leadership roles that they have; to encourage the synergy that results in academic excellence when practitioners interact with one another as they discuss and solve problems related to academic leadership through their being together, along with international expertise.

IPAL is a ministry that grew out of the work of Dr Fritz Deininger, who for over 30 years was involved in theological education in Thailand. His responsibilities included serving as Academic Dean at the Bangkok Bible College and Seminary, as well as working with the Asia Theological Association. 

Under the encouragement of Overseas Council, Dr Deininger did research into the role and responsibilities of the academic dean, working with Dr. Paul Sanders, who at the time was working as Academic Dean for the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary in Beirut. The results of their research into best-practices for academic leadership became a series of workshops offered in Asia under the ATA. These have now become one of the key services offered by ICETE to its member associations and the institutions associated with them. 

In additional to a number of Asian-based training seminars, these workshops have been done in Benin and Abidjan for French West Africa; in Guatemala, Costa Rica, Lima, Bolivia and Quito for Spanish-speaking Latin America; in Belarus and Ukraine for eastern Europe, in João Pessoa, Campinas and Niteroi for Brazil; in Lusaka and Nairobi for English-speaking Africa and in Angola for Portuguese-speaking Africa.

The workshops have drawn on the knowledge and expertise of local practitioners, along with several key people senior consultants who have volunteered their time to these seminars offered by ICETE.  IPAL is now partnering with the ICETE Academy to progressively video record training and make the wealth of their materials available globally through online delivery.  

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