Senior ICETE Academy Fellows (SIAF)

This status is conferred by the ICETE Steering Committe to significant individuals who contribute to educational development in theological education.  Senior Fellows are usually course writers in the ICETE Academy.


Abok, Anne - Nigeria and South Africa.   Anne is a certified training Facilitator and Assessor by the Education, Training and Development  Board of  South Africa. She is also certified by the Radio Netherlands Training Centre as an International Trainer of Trainers in broadcasting training. Anne holds an Associate of Arts Degree in Communication from the University of the Nations, a Bachelors of Arts in Theology from Faith Bible College, South Africa and she is currently completing a Masters Degree in Social Rehabilitation from University of Abuja, Nigeria.  View courses 

Asong, Joseph - Malawi. Joseph is a graduating student at London School of Theology/Middlesex University under the Masters in Theological Education program. He has taught as a part time lecturer at Cameroon Grace Bible Institute and also served there as the Registrar and helped start Malawi Grace Bible School in 2013 where he currently serves as a learning facilitator and the Dean of Academics.  View courses

Chukwuma, Victor Priest - Nigeria.  Victor serves as a senior lecturer at West Africa Theological Seminary Lagos Nigeria and in the Christian Education department where he interacts with students both face to face and online classroom platform.  His experience in teaching in higher education has played a significant role in transforming students' character to become agents of transformation in society through academic excellence, innovative programs, and moral distinctiveness. View courses

Enyinnaya, John O. – Nigeria. John holds a doctorate in Systematic Theology from the Nigerian Baptist Theological Seminary (NBTS), Ogbomoso, Nigeria with some concentration on New Testament Language and Literature. After some years in church pastorate, John became involved in theological education in 1999 as lecturer at the NBTS where he has taught courses in theology, exegesis and elementary Greek. He served as Rector of the Baptist College of Theology, Obinze-Owerri, Nigeria (2007 – 2017) after which he returned to the Ogbomoso Seminary as professor and Dean of the Post Graduate school. Exposure gained while pursuing the Post Graduate Certificate in Theological Education at the Belfast Bible College and the Master of Arts in Theological Education at the London school of Theology helped to turn his attention to the educational aspects of theological education.  John is now involved, among other things, in post graduate teaching, supervisions and assessment both within and outside the NBTS.  View courses

Ernst-Kurdi, Eszter - Cameroon.  Eszter comes from Hungary and holds MAs in English and French Literature and Linguistics. She also studied Applied Theology in Intercultural Contexts at Redcliffe College in the UK and later on earned an MA degree in Field Linguistics from the University of Gloucestershire. Eszter lives and works in Cameroon where she serves as the Training Domain Team Leader for SIL in the Francophone African region and director of SIL's Francophone i-DELTA training programme. Eszter is particularly interested in facilitating personal development and spiritual formation in intercultural contexts as well as online instructional design for cross-cultural audiences. View courses

Hardy, Steve - Africa. Steve has worked as a missionary educator in a variety of global settings for about 40 years. He was the director of the Overseas Council Institute for Excellence, served as SIM’s International Coordinator for Theological and is current a senior consultant to ICETE. He has worked with both TEE and upper-leve formal theological education. His doctoral work was inmissiology looking at areas of learning cross-culturally.  View courses

Kaobaissi, Alain - Cameroon. Alain holds a Master's degree in Education and Linguistics from the University of Yaoundé 1 in Cameroon and a Master's degree in Management from Amity University in India.  He has pursued a teaching career in secondary schools for many years and has taught Community Development and Research in Church and Mission at SIL’s Francophone I-DELTA (Institute for Language Development and Translation in Africa) training programme. His research interests include Stephen Krashen's affective filter hypothesis and its impact on foreign language learning and issues in special education for traumatised students. Alain has taught as well as studied using online means.  He now serves as Director of Language Services at SIL Cameroon, while pursuing his teaching activities in a number of training programmes and institutions in Cameroon and beyond. View courses

Sichone, Billy - Zambia. Billy serves as Deputy Vice Chancellor for Academic affairs at Central Africa Baptist University (CABU). He holds several credentials both Business and Theology though additionally currently pursuing a PhD in Educational Leadership (online Education) at Africa Research University (ARU). He has both studied and taught using online means. He lives and works in Kitwe, Zambia. View courses


Brooks, Will. Will holds a Ph.D. from Southern Seminary and he is the Acting Provost and Director of the D.Miss. and MAIS programs at a seminary in Southeast Asia. He is the author of Love Lost for the Cause of Christ (2018), Interpreting Scripture Across Cultures (2022), and is the co-editor of World Mission (2019). View courses

Caldera, Ravin - Sri Lanka. Ravin is the Academic Dean and faculty member of the Colombo Theological Seminary. He graduated from the Open University of Sri Lanka, Colombo Theological Seminary, and Dallas Theological Seminary and has many years of experience in pioneer ministries. Ravin has been a theological educator in Sri Lanka and other international institutions for 20 years and an ordained minister of the Presbyterian Church of Sri Lanka. View courses

Chen, Jason - Singapore. Jason serves as Director and Lead Instructional Designer with the Centre of Teaching and Learning and Adjunct Faculty at Singapore Bible College (SBC). He holds several postgraduate credentials in Education (M.Ed, PhD and Diploma in Adult Continuing Education), Engineering (B.Eng and M.Eng) and Theology (MCS and M.Div). He is currently doing his Masters of Theology programme with AGST Alliance. His current research interests lie in teachers' use of technology in the classroom and use of AI tools in theological education. View courses

Feliciano-Soberano, Joanna - Philippines. Joanna is Academic Dean and Faculty member of the Asian Theological Seminary in Manila and OC Regional Director for South-east Asia. Her main expertise is in the field of teaching and learning.  View courses

Li, Jacob - Singapore. Jacob has been involved in both formal and non-formal adult education for almost three decades. He has designed and facilitated learning for international corporations, universities, seminaries, churches, and para-church ministries across Asia and North America.  He has a Bachelor of Commerce, a Master of Continuing Education, a Master of Theology, and is currently pursuing his PhD in Education – Instructional Design and Technology. He currently serves as a member of ATA’s Commission of Accreditation and Educational  Development, a Senior ICETE Consultant, and an adjunct faculty at a seminary in Southeast Asia. View courses

Ivins, Nicholas - USA.  Armed with a bachelor’s degree in Education, a master’s in Biblical Studies and Pastoral Ministry, and half-empty suitcases, Nicholas and his wife arrived in southern China in 1987. He spent 17 years within the Chinese education system studying, teaching, and delivering his children to local schools. In 2006, he joined the international team of MAF Learning Technologies, where he served for a decade in e-learning and coaching international ministries to develop their training to have increased impact.  Currently, Nicholas works with several international teams that have a focus on transformative learning. These ministries include Increase Association, Asia Theological Association, Entrust4, More Than a Mile Deep, and With International Community.  View courses

Jaison, Jessy  - India.  Jessy has been a theological educator in India for the past 28 years as professor of Practical Theology and Qualitative Research, thesis supervisor for masters and doctoral researchers, editor of the  Journal of Theological Education and Mission (JOTEAM) and a devoted consultant for transformative theological education. Her recent contributions to theological education are:  Towards Vital Wholeness in Theological Education: Framing Areas for Assessment (ICETE-Langham series, 2017) and Qualitative Research and Transformative Results: A Primer for Students and Mentors in Theological Education  (SAIACS Press, 2018).  Jessy has conducted workshops and trainings for the leaders and faculty of ATA schools in India and beyond, and has served as a member of ATA’s Visiting Evaluation Team. Working closely with churches and missions, she upholds a ministry model in which theology and mission are inseparably interwoven and mutually enriching.  View courses

Ragui, Taimaya - India.   Ragui comes from Ukhrul, Northeast India. He has a PhD in theology from South Asia Institute of Advanced Christian Studies (Bangalore, India), where his research focuses on interfacing theological interpretation of Scripture and contextual theology (i.e., tribal theology).  He is an academic research coordinator of The Shepherd’s Academy of Oxford Centre for Religion and Public Life. He coordinates the development and delivery of online courses within the Christian Theology and Ethics cluster, with a particular focus on content finalisation and quality assurance for the whole programme. View courses

Central and South America

Deik, Anton - Bolivia.  Anton provides e-learning consultancies for theological colleges and training centres in Palestine and Bolivia and is a Lecturer in Biblical Studies (online) at Bethlehem Bible College where he also served as the Director of Online Education and launched and directed the college’s online program. He is also a Networking Team member of the International Fellowship of Mission as Transformation (INFEMIT) and a PhD Candidate in New Testament Studies at the University of Aberdeen and Trinity College, Bristol. I hold an MA degree in Biblical Studies from London School of Theology and a Bachelor degree in Computer Systems Engineering from Birzeit University. Anton has published a number of academic papers in Biblical Studies and Computer Science. View courses

Castellanos, Fabio Miguel - Colombia.  Fabio has been linked to the field of theological education for most of his life mainly as a preacher and teacher. After finishing his studies in Biomedical Engineering, he was called to the missionary field in Colombia and Ecuador, where he remained for 15 years. A few years ago, he settled in the USA to continue his theological education. Currently, He is part of the adjunct faculty at the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary and continues his lifelong training with advanced studies in New Testament and postgraduate studies in Theological Education at London School of Theology. 

Castillo, José Pacheco.  Jose is a Mexican citizen but living in El Paso, Texas (USA). His PhD in theology is from South African Theological Seminary (SATS), and his research focuses on theology of leadership on the border context (Mexico and USA). He is Baptist pastor and combines his ministry teaching in several theological institutions in Latin-American and USA.  He is a project director for the Local Online Project: A Global Strategy (LOGS) Latin-American and Caribbean region. He has participated in the training of many Institutes of Excellence and brings various levels of experience and knowledge to online theological education. He is specialized in learning processes applied to theological education.. View courses

Neu, Ray.  Ray is an orality coach who has spent the five years training pastors in Belize for their ordination through  the Seminario Teologico de Guatemala. During that time, he appreciated the value of story-based collaborative discovery as a teaching tool which greatly served the students and earned a doctorate in the field. Ray has worked with various global partners, designing curriculum and oral andragogies designed to teach a wide variety of topics within theological education. This work has included both creation of new content and delivery models as well as oralizing written curricula into oral friendly or oral hybrid content. Through partnering organisations, these curricula are reaching more than 20,000 pastors and leaders in more than 40 countries. 

Portugal, Eles.  Elesen was born in Brazil and is a trained musician who has done doctoral work in Ethnodoxology. He has served as minister of music, missionary, professor and accompanist and generally has been involved in theological, missiological and musical teaching and training. His recent work focuses on the value and application of music and the arts in worship, missions and discipleship, focusing primarily on local or indigenous genres.  He now serves as Vice President of Academic Affairs at Champion Christian College and assists theological leaders who are mindful of the biblical role of the arts in the whole of Christian life. 


Stephanie Black - Africa, Asia, Europe and USA.  Stephanie is Associate Director for Orientation and Training for Theologians Without Borders. She taught in graduate schools of theology in Ethiopia (2000-2008) and Kenya (2008-2013), serving as ACTEA Accreditation Officer from 2007-2011. She is also Affiliate Associate Professor of New Testament at Fuller Theological Seminary. Stephanie serves as international Theological Education Specialist with Serge, in partnership with EPC World Outreach and travels to support leadership development in Africa, Asia and Europe.  View courses

Cheesman, Graham - Ireland. Graham has been involved in theological education for many years, always as a teacher, also as the principal of two theological colleges, the director of  a centre for the study of theological education , an accreditor and consultant in a number of countries and has been an examiner for a number of UK universities. After he left college he became a baptist minster and then a missionary lecturer in Nigeria before returning to the UK. His doctorate is in the bible college movement in the UK.  View courses

Deininger, Fritz. Fritz is well known in may circles of global theological education as one of the founders and workshop leaders of the ICETE Programme for Academic Leadership (IPAL) from which a series of Langham publications have developed in the area of academic leadership.  View courses

Miller, Clare - UK.  Clare is Learning and Teaching Manager at the London School of Theology, where she manages a large team of tutors  delivering online Theology modules. She has MAs in Education and Biblical Studies, and her background is in education, church work, web design and theology. She has been working at LST since 2017. View courses

Oxenham, Marvin - Italy. Marvin's field of expertise are in educational philosophy, character education, quality assurance and online education.   He works as ICETE Academy Director, as programme leader at the London School of Theology for postgraduate and doctoral studies in theological education and is the General Secretary of the ECTE. View courses

Sanders, Paul - France. After his first degrees in History and Theology in the USA (Oregon State University and Western Seminary), Paul Sanders was awarded a doctorate in Modern History at the University of Paris-Sorbonne. After 10 years as pastor/church planter in the Paris region, il exercised successively the roles of academic dean and then director at the Institut Biblique de Nogent (Paris), then as provost of the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary of Beirut (ABTS). He then became board chair of the European Evangelical Accrediting Association (EEAA), then director of the Middle East Association for Theological Education (MEATE), and the International Council for Evangelical Theological Education (ICETE). Now retired, he serves as professor, consultant and facilitator of theological education projects in the Francophone and Arabophone worlds. View courses

Wiseman, Kate - UK. Kate serves as Co-Coordinator of the International Missionary Training Network (IMTN) and Co-Synergist for Missionary Training for the WEA Mission Commission. She is Head of Learning Services at All Nations Christian College, UK – a major provider of intercultural mission training. She has a passion for delivering (and empowering others to deliver) accessible and relational, digitally-enhanced intercultural ministry training – breaking down barriers of time, place and opportunity – building on Doctoral research to develop a framework for the effective delivery of holistic mission training through e-learning. As a librarian with over 30 years experience in public and academic libraries, she also teaches holistic learning and research skills at foundational, undergraduate and postgraduate level. View courses

Middle East

Al-Zoughbi, Grace - Palestine.   Grace is a Christian Palestinian born and raised in Bethlehem. She was the fifth top student at a national level upon graduating from Saint Joseph’s in Palestine. She completed her undergraduate degree at Bethlehem Bible College in Bethlehem and an M.A. in the Theology of Transformation: Church, Scripture and World from the London School of Theology in 2010. Grace served as a lecturer in Biblical Studies and Theology (2011-2018) and developed many courses in the area of Biblical Studies. She also served as Head of the Biblical Studies department at Bethlehem Bible College from (2014-2018). Grace currently serves as a member of the MENATE (Middle East and North Africa Association of Theological Education) accrediting committee.  Grace is currently working on her PhD. degree through the London School of Theology. Her research topic involves the Theological education of Women in the Middle East and North Africa.  View courses

Hamoud, Brent. Originally from the USA, Brent has lived in Lebanon since 2007 and worked on numerous faith-based initiatives serving vulnerable communities. He is the Programs Coordinator for the Institute of Middle East Studies (IMES) at the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary (ABTS) in Beirut and received a Master of Religion in Middle Eastern and North African Studies from the institution in 2016. Brent co-authored a practical theology book with Rupen Das, Strangers in the Kingdom: Ministering to Refugees, Migrants and the Stateless, in 2017 and contributes reflections on the IMES Blog.

Khader, Bahjat - Palestine. Bahjat holds a Master of Divinity degree from the Near East School of Theology "NEST" in Lebanon. Since 2017, he has been working as a lecturer of Christian Theology. Since 2019 he has been supervising the Diploma and Bachelor online programs of Biblical Studies at Bethlehem Bible College. He has experience but he still loves to learn about "Effective Online Theological Education" in seminars that are supervised by the Overseas Council and the Middle East and North Africa region.  View courses

Mekhael El Moteay, Manal - Egypt. Manal is a youth ministry servant, educator, and screenwriter.  She was born and lived in Kuwait until the Gulf war when she left for her mother country, Egypt.  She is enthusiastic about inspiring Arab youth learners to experience the “amazement in God” through experiential learning.  Through her position as the director of the distance learning department at the Evangelical Theological Seminary in Cairo (ETSC), she supports the faculty in creating transforming E-theological education and growing in crafting interactive curricula.  Manal is recently admitted to online Ed.D. in Instructional Design and Technology at Liberty University in Virginia, USA.  She holds a MAT in Education Leadership from the American University in Cairo, a ThM from ETSC, and an equivalent Master in Screenwriting from Cinema Arts and Technology Academy, Cairo. View courses 

Shaw, Perry - Lebanon.  Perry is the author of Transforming Theological Education and had a long-term passion to see theological schools create and implement multidimensional purpose-driven curricula that promote the development of missional leadership. His areas of expertise include theological perspectives on theological education, curriculum development, teaching methodology, and educational psychology. Perry was Professor of Education at the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary in Beirut, Lebanon from 1990-2019. View courses

North America

Clark, Paul - USA. Paul is Education Consultant for Overseas Council USA.  He has been involved in organising and leading many Institutes for Excellence in many parts of the world and brings various levels of expertise and resources to the world of theological education.  He specialises in theological reflection of the human being as learner, and its ramifications for theological teaching practice. View courses

Hayden, Rob - USA.  Rob began his work in theological education while serving in church planting in Israel and later in Central and Eastern Europe. His PhD work in online teaching and learning at Michigan State University has led to continued work in areas of course design, teaching and learning, and faculty professional development for online education. Rob coordinates the area of educational development at Horizon Education Network and is Horizon’s liaison for partnerships in Asia, the Middle East, and with theological organizations focused in areas of professional development. View courses

Lawson, Kevin - USA.   Kevin has served in doctoral-level theological education for 24 years, directing Talbot School of Theology’s PhD and EdD programs for over 17 years and serving on over 100 doctoral dissertation committees.  He serves as chair of the Council of Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU) Council for Collaboration in Doctoral Education and as co-chair of the ICETE Doctoral Initiative Steering Committee (DISC).  He has led faculty development sessions for doctoral education in several countries and contributed to a text by Ian Shaw on supervising doctoral student research (Langham, 2015).  His EdD in educational administration, was earned at the University of Maine, with a heavy emphasis on empirical research, both qualitative and quantitative.  He has served as the editor for the Christian Education Journal: Research on Educational Ministry for 16 years.  View courses

McEwen, Rhonda - Canada. Rhonda is a lifelong educator with a deep commitment to integrative theology for all of life. In addition to her teaching role at Regent College as professor of Education and Culture, she directs Regent Exchange - an educational initiative which partners with local churches in an exploration of Christian vocation and the common good. Rhonda has worked with a diversity of learners in both formal and non-formal educational settings including international mission and community development contexts in addition to Christian higher education and theological education. Rhonda grew up in Ottawa, Canada and has since lived and worked in Asia, Africa, and North America. View courses

Nickens, Mark - USA.  Mark is an experienced and creative Moodle trainer and he has helped several schools develop their virtual learning environments.  Mark has done work in the US, Canada, India, Belize and Kenya.   He has developed courses for the ICETE Academy to help theological schools use Moodle for online delivery. View courses

Wassel, Rob - USA.  Rob serves as the Founder / CEO of Seeds, an organisation that helps Christian NGO’s, foundations, and academic institutions create cultures of innovation so they can accomplish their God-given Mission in uncertain and ambiguous times. 


Golder, Pauline - While working in non-formal and formal theological education in Francophone West Africa for 23 years, Pauline Golder also facilitated training in teaching and educational planning. After her return to Australia in 2019 she completed an online Graduate Certificate in Higher Education. Insights and projects developed there led to her role with SIM and Local Leaders International in professional development for theological educators of French-speaking countries. View courses

Harkness, Allan - Allan has been involved in theological education in SE Asia for most of the time since 1988, including as the founding dean of AGST Alliance (2004-2015).  Now resettled in NZ, Allan is continuing to build on his Asian experience in theological education, as a theological education consultant for LeaDev-Langham (NZ) and Overseas Council Australia, and as Advisory Director of AGST Alliance. This role brings him into partnership with Asian-Pacific seminaries for leadership, program and curriculum development, faculty enrichment, and research ethics processes, all in order to enrich and/equip the seminaries to more effectively build a responsive Church in Asia.   View courses

Hockridge, Diane - Diane is an educational designer who works collaboratively with theological educators at Ridley College to design online courses and to improve online and classroom learning and teaching through professional development of theological educators. Beyond her college she assists in organising annual professional development conferences for theological educators. Her research in online spiritual formation is aimed at identifying pedagogies and design principles for online courses that can be shared within the broader theological education community. View courses

Turnbull, David - David is currently Local Leaders International’s International Ministry Program Director for the Local Online: A Global Strategy project which aims to equip theological education institutions to strategize and deliver quality online education programs.  Before this role, he lectured in missiology and intercultural studies for over 20 years in Australia, including in hybrid contexts more recently, after starting in Nigeria in the 1990s. His research interests relate to the application of cultural intelligence in ministry contexts and digitally enhanced theological education. View courses