ICETE Academy Directory

ICETE Academy Fellows (IAF)

IAF status will be conferred to everyone who completes at least 30 course points over 36  months.  Each course in the ICETE Academy is marked for duration and points can easily be calculated: 30 hours of learning normally means completion of three 10 hour courses.   Also consult the Leaderboard to see the course points earned by each fellow. 

The following individuals have demonstrated ongoing and certified commitment to educational development and are allowed to use the phrase 'ICETE Academy Fellow' on their Curriculum Vitae.


  • Campbell, Sheldon - JM
  • Clarke, Karen - US
  • Guinness, Ruth - MW
  • Harkness, Allan - NZ
  • Mapira, Charles - MW
  • Rickli, Miranda - KH
  • Shubert, Keith - SG
  • Thomas, PA - NP
  • Thomas, Shaiju - IN
  • Weaver, Coleen - UA
  • Winter, Robert - US