How it works

Translation features

The ICETE Academy aims to serve a global community of theological educators, hence translation is a key issue.

Language selector

Most ICETE Academy courses are written in English, but we have installed an automatic translation software ( that currently translates all of the navigation menus and text in courses into a growing number of languages.  This means that, with a click of a button in the lower right hand language selector (and also top menu), the entire ICETE Academy site changes language.  Translation also works on mobile devices.

Watch this brief tutorial on how to do this:

We have verified that the automatic translation is quite good, but may have some imperfections, for which we apologise.  Work is in progress to proofread all ICETE Academy translations.  If you spot errors in your language that are particularly relevant, please write to  Thank you for your patience and assistance.

Translating media and links

ICETE Academy courses also feature media, such as videos and PDF files and external links.  These are not automatically translated by Weglot, but with a little extra effort, they can also be available to you in your chosen language.

Language subtitles for videos.  Videos used in ICETE Academy courses are in English but have subtitles in several languages. Watch the following brief tutorial on how to do this.

We are gradually adding subtitles to all our ICETE Academy courses, but there may be some courses where this is still not available. If you would like to take a course where subtitles are not available yet, please write to and we will try to give it priority. 

Translating PDF files. Several ICETE Academy courses feature PDF files of textbooks, chapters to read or articles. There is no easy way to automatically translate a PDF file, but with some patience you can use Google Translate to obtain good results.   Watch the following brief tutorial on how to do this (more instructions can be found here).

We also strongly recommend  With a free account, you can easily drag and drop .docx, .pptx and .pdf documents and obtain a good quality translation that even maintains most formatting.    With a basic, free plan, you can translate 5000 words and 3 documents each month. 

We are gradually duplicating all PDF files into readable and translatable documents that will normally appear in the courses as alternatives to the PDF.  The formatting is often lost from the original PDF, but the text remains intact. When you see a  link to a 'translatable version' select it and you will view the document in your chosen language.  

Translating links. Occasionally ICETE Academy courses will point you to external links, which could be websites, online resources, blogs or published materials. Again you can use Google Translate to translate these internet pages.  Watch the following brief tutorial on how to do this (more instructions can be found here).

As you can appreciate, translating a complex site like the ICETE Academy in many languages is a challenge, takes time and comes at a price.  We appreciate your support and ongoing patience as we seek to serve the global community of theological education.