How it works

Costs and payment plans

There is normally no fee for each ICETE Academy course.  The cost structure revolves around a fellowship scheme and includes a variety of payment plans:

1.  INDIVIDUAL PLAN.  AIAF and IAF entail a fee of $60 every 3 years. This allows unlimited access to all courses.

2.  COMPLIMENTARY CODES.  If you have a voucher with a code, please quote the code at the moment of registration.  

3.  ORGANISATIONAL PLAN.  These are negotiated with individual organisations that pay a global fee to allow their members unlimited access to all courses.  On registration, AIAF and IAF applicants need to quote the organisational code.  The costs of these schemes are as follows:

      • estimated 15 possible individual fellowships: $300 per year
      • estimated 50 possible individual fellowships: $500 per year
      • estimated 100-300 possible individual fellowships $2000 per year
      • unlimited individual fellowships (more than 300) $4000 per year

4.  SENIOR ICETE Academy Fellows pay no fees.

Courses that are based on conferences or institutes, might have additional fees as decided by the partner provider. 

Make a payment

You can make a payment by using this link.

If necessary, we can also accept US$ cheque made out to Faith and Learning International with 'ICETE Academy Registration' in the memo line. It should be mailed to Faith and Learning International, PO Box 480, Wheaton IL, 60187, USA.

Consider a donation

The ICETE Academy relies on donors to help make courses financially accessible to all income regions of the world.    

If you would like to make a donation, please contact director(at) or use the payment information above, clearly marking your gift as 'Donation for the ICETE Academy'.