How it works

Choosing and taking a course

The ICETE Academy assumes that, as a professional theological educator, you can identify your own educational needs which is why you can choose to take any course. This section provides some guidelines on doing so. 

Find a course 

Theological educators and busy professionals hence the courses available in the ICETE Academy are typically short.  

We offer two courses lengths at the moment: most of our courses entail 10 hours of learning but we also have 'nanocourses' that entail only 2 hours of learning.

There are many ways to find a course.   You can: 

Some courses are immediately available and others are in preparation and you will find an estimated 'available by' date.  You are free to enrol in as many courses as you wish, but it is advisable to complete one course at a time before moving on.

Once you have chosen your course, proceed with self enrolment (see instructions here).

Delivery types

Given the variety of partners in the ICETE Academy, you can expect is a vast variety of courses and delivery modes.  Here are the three kinds of delivery currently being used.Courses are have clear instructions and navigation features. 

All ICETE Academy courses follow a simple, four-fold learning structure. 

 ONLINE COURSES. This kind of self-paced online course can be taken anytime and anywhere.  All materials are available on and can be completed online.

 EVENT-RELATED COURSES.   This kind of course is usually developed on the back of an event, conference, workshop, institute, etc that has taken place somewhere in the world.  Through follow-up work provided on you can earn ICETE Academy learning-hour recognition that counts toward your fellowship status.  This means, for example, that attendance at select conferences can count as certified learning . An event-based course that is geographically based on a consultation, conference or institute, for example, will be available to those in attendance, but not to everyone.  Some event-based courses are recorded, and then made available as an online course. 

 PORTFOLIO COURSES.  This kind of course requires you to submit a portfolio of learning to receive ICETE Academy learning recognition. This is a self-paced course with online submission of documents that can be taken anytime and anywhere.  

 BOOK-BASED COURSES.  This kind of course provides overviews of particular books and a chance to critically engage with textbooks that are particularly relevant to theological educators.  Normally students are encouraged to purchase the book.  This is a self-paced course with online materials and interaction options that can be taken anytime and anywhere.  

Course participation

The ICETE Academy learning platform is based on Moodle, with which you may already be familiar. Courses are have clear instructions and navigation features. 

All ICETE Academy courses follow a simple, four-fold learning structure. 

 INTRODUCTION. In this section you will receive information on the aims, online, delivery and timing, course completion requirements and authorship.

 LEARN.  In this section you will find the learning materials that you will learn from.  Depending on the type of delivery, these materials will either be online, delivered in an event or collected in a portfolio.

 ENGAGE.  In this section you will take what you have learned and critically relate it to your context.

 TEST. In this section you will find a mechanism to verify whether you have completed the aims of the course in order to be able to issue ICETE Academy certification.

As you can tell the first two sections have to do with acquisition (INTRODUCTION and LEARN), and the last two sections with participation (ENGAGE and TEST).  Your participation in the course is what counts for course completion (see below). 

Approximate engagement times will be suggested for each section to help you plan  your learning within your schedule. 

Some ICETE Academy courses are tutored, others are not.  In any case, you can feel free to contact the author or organising partner.

Course completion

In the ENGAGE and TEST sections of each course there are completion requirements that have been set. Course completion activities might be participation in a discussion forum, submission of an assignment (short essay, mini-project or reflective paper) or the completion of a self-grading quiz. 

Course completion activities are indicated clearly in course Introduction and in instructions throughout the course.  The completion activities typically feature a little grey box at the right (it will contain a tick once you have completed the activity as instructed). 

Once you have satisfied all course completion requirements you will be emailed an ICETE Academy badges that counts toward your fellowship status.