How it works

Registration and Enrolment

This page provides an overview of the ICETE Academy registration and course enrolment process. The following diagram illustrates the steps in the process. 

1.  Apply and create an account

This is the first step in joining the ICETE Academy.   You must:

1. Complete the Application Form to create a new account.  This includes your Payment plan.

2.  Your application will need to be approved by the ICETE Academy administration.  This may take up to one week, so please be patient.  If you do not receive a reply after one week, please contact

3. Once your registration has been approved, you will be notified and you can login into ICETE Academy with the username and password you have chosen.

4. Your name will be listed in the Associate ICETE Academy Fellows (AIAF) directory. 

Imagine the ICETE Academy as a large building:  the creation and approval of your account is what lets you into the building through the main doors.

2.  Enrol in a course

With your registered account you can now ask to enrol in any of the courses in ICETE Academy site.   You do not have to pay for individual courses, but you do need to self-enrol in each course following this simple procedure.

1.  Browse courses and choose which course you would like to take (see more on choosing and taking courses here).  

2.  Click on the Click to Enter this Course button 

3.  Now self enrol by typing in the course Enrolment key that you find in the course description.  See example below. 

4.  Then click on Enrol me
5.  You are now enrolled in the course as a student, which means you can access the learning materials and complete the requirements to earn your certification badge and ICETE Academy fellowship hours. 

If the ICETE Academy is a large building, enrolling in a course is like getting the door key to walk into a specific room.