What is the ICETE Academy

Course writers (Senior IA Fellows)

All courses offered through the ICETE Academy are carefully vetted by the providing partners and by the ICETE Academy. You can expect therefore to find some of the best thinking in educational development by those that work closest to theological educators across the world.

ICETE Academy writers are all called Senior ICETE Academy Fellow (SIAF). This status is conferred by to significant individuals who contribute to educational development in theological education.  All Senior ICETE Academy Fellows apply through the IA Course Writers Application form and are normally required to complete the ICETE Academy Course Creation course. 

An updated list of ICETE Academy Senior Fellows can be found in the ICETE Academy Directory.

Course vetting

To preserve the integrity and quality of the IA brand, all courses are subject to a vetting process. The process will normally include the following elements:

  1. Vetting course writers. Course writers (SIAF) can either be nominated by a partnering organisation or apply directly to the IA Steering Committee (IA Course Writers Application form ).  In the former case, the partnering organisation assumes the responsibility of vetting writers, but the IA Steering Committee can request further vetting at any point. In the latter case the IA Steering Committee vets the writers directly through their application and references. 
  2. Training course writers.  All course writers, once approved, will need to complete the ICETE Academy Course Writers course.
  3. Vetting individual courses.  Each course will be individually vetted before going live. Normally, this will be done by the IA Director but the Steering Committee also retains the right to vet new courses.  A list of new courses will a standing item of the Steering Committee agenda, that will either confirm a course, suspend it for further vetting, or ask to have the course revised, rewritten or removed.  Special care needs to be taken with new course writers that do not have a proven track record. The IA Director will be careful to signal courses to the Steering Committee that might need further vetting.
  4. Criteria for vetting courses. The following criteria are illustrative of what will be used in vetting a course:
    • Course design in line with IA template
    • Course topic fits on the TECF (competence framework)
    • Language and clarity
    • Accurate workload and duration
    • Scholarly level of materials
    • Sensitivity to contexts
    • Appropriate engagement
    • Appropriate evaluation of learning
    • The reputation of the writer
    • Theological engagement with educational issues (may not apply to all courses)