What is the ICETE Academy

Who is involved

The students

In the ICETE Academy the students are normally the teachers!  The most important people involved in the ICETE Academy are, in fact, theological educators from all over the world who realise they continual need to be students.

To date over 1200 theological educators from Christian institutions of theology from 90 different countries of the world have registered with the ICETE Academy to improve their profession as educators.  

Most courses feature interactive discussion forums where you will have the unique opportunity of engaging with your colleagues from all over the world. Please visit the ICETE Academy Directory for an updated list of IA Fellows. 

The providers

A growing number of individuals and organisations are involved with the ICETE Academy.  Please navigate the list below for more details:

If you are interested in getting involved either as a partnering organisation or as a Senior ICETE Academy Fellow, write to director@icete.academy or submit the ICETE Academy Partnership Application Form