D/OTE Competences

Situated Learning in D/OTE

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This advanced course follows the foundational nanocourse entitled Context in D/OTE that introduced contextual competencies in distance and online theological education as defined by the Distance and Online Theological Education Competences Framework in Category A. This nanocourse focuses on the theory of situated learning and considers how it can be applied to D/OTE. It will assist you to further hone your competence in developing strategies that will help situate learning, formation and skills development in the context of your students.
This is one of the seven, advanced-level courses in the D/OTEC series.
Course Outcomes

The specific competences developed in this course are:

  1. The ability to explain varieties of blended learning
  2. The ability to design and deliver content with the local context in mind (identifying opportunities for partnerships, developing strategies, plans and activities)
Course content
  • Introduction to Situated Learning Theory and its four key features
  • How to situate learning and incorporate these features into your course or curriculum
  • How to make the most of mentoring

This course is co-authored by Dr Taimaya Ragui (India) and Eszter Ernst-Kurdi (Cameroon/Hungary). 


Delivery mode

This is a self-paced online course.


2-3 hours of learning

ICETE Academy points

2 points

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