Introducing ICETE Consulting

ICETE Consulting

Aims and outcomes

By the end of this course you should have:

  • Understood ICETE Consulting and what they have to offer, including the relationship between ICETE Consulting and the regional ICETE member agencies. 
  • Grown in your understanding of how consultancy works on the path to clarifying what kind of consultant might best serve your current needs.
  • Grown in your understanding of what you can and cannot expect from consultancy support, and what the consultancy process entails.


In that this is primarily an introduction to ICETE Consulting, it differs slightly from other ICETE Academy courses. The course has four sections: 

1. The INTRODUCTION section, that you are now in.

2. A LEARN section which is the heart of the course, providing information about ICETE Consulting, and provides material about the nature and process of consulting on the path to maximizing the benefit of ICETE Consulting for your school or program. 

3. An ENGAGE section where you will ensure that you have adequately engaged with the LEARN material 

4. A CONCLUSION section where you are given contact information for ICETE Consulting, and asked to give feedback on the course.

Timing and delivery

Duration: about 2.5 hours.

  • hours of engagement with the content
  • 30 minutes responding to questions

This course is a fully online course. You will be expected to self-pace. Because of the close intertwining of the material, you should not spread the engagement over a long period. You should try to finish all the requirements within a week of commencing the course.

The course is a self-study course, and no tutoring support will be provided. However, with special request it may be possible to access a member of the ICETE Academy team.


Completion of this nanocourse will contribute 2 points to your ICETE Academy Fellowship status. 


This course is authored by Dr Perry Shaw. For many years Perry served as Professor of Education at the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary in Beirut and is currently Researcher in Residence at Morling College (Sydney, Australia).  Perry is the author of Transforming Theological Education and has many years of experience in consulting with theological schools across the globe as they seek to create and implement multidimensional purpose-driven curricula that promote the development of missional leadership. Perry's areas of expertise include theological education, higher education, curriculum, teaching methodology, intercultural leadership, and research methodology.
Delivery mode

This is a self-paced online nanocourse.


2 hours of learning

ICETE Academy points

2 points

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