Curriculum with Character

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    Two problems can afflict curricula in theological institutions.  The first is that they are unduly bound to traditional models that can be restrictive when it comes to fulfilling character education outcomes. The second is that they are poorly designed, and often do not ask the right questions nor do they give sufficient care do defining and aligning programme aims and outcomes.  If we are to be intentional in achieving character and virtue education in our theological education programmes, we must improve our abilities to design better curricula and learn how to deliver character-related outcomes across the curriculum.

    A Curriculum with Character is the third of a series of ICETE Academy nanocourses drawn from the academic epistolary novel Character and Virtue in Theological Education (by Marvin Oxenham).  The aim of the course is to provide an understanding of how character-related outcomes can be intentionally built into theological curricula and courses.  

    After a short selection of readings from the textbook, you will engage in either imagining a curriculum that gives a prominent place to character education or implement virtue-related objectives in a course you teach. 

    Course Outcomes

    This course will enable you to design and delivery character and virtue education outcomes in your theological curriculum.

    Course content

    • Challenging the standard curriculum
    • Where to start
    • Aiming right
    • From aims to outcomes
    • A radical curriculum
    • Naturally taught
    • Planning and teaching specific character and virtue-related courses
    • Teaching character and virtue across the curriculum

    Other courses in this series

    1. A Vision of Virtue (CVE-1)
    2. Virtue: Sought, Caught and Taught (CVE-2)
    3. Curriculum with Character (CVE-3)
    4. Habituation and Virtue Practices (CVE-4)
    5. Assessing Character and Virtue (CVE-5)
    6. Online Character Education - Really?  (CVE-6)


    This course is authored by Dr Marvin Oxenham. Marvin is the ICETE Academy Director, General Secretary of the ECTE and Programme Leader for the MA in Theological Education programme at the London School of Theology.  He is the author of Character and  Virtue in Theological Education from which this course is drawn.

    Delivery mode

    This is a self-paced online course.


    This is a nanocourse, entailing 2 hours of learning.

    ICETE Academy points

    2 points.

    Completion requirements

    You will need to read a selection of short book chapters, design either a curriculum or a horizontal curriculum in a course and share a conversation about character and curriculum with colleagues. 

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