Online Character Education - Really?

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    Both character education and online delivery are relatively new entries in the world of theological education.  But what happens when we combine the two?  Is it really possible to help theology students grow in character and virtue through an online environment? 

    Online Character Education - Really?  is one of a series of ICETE Academy nanocourses drawn from the academic epistolary novel Character and Virtue in Theological Education (by Marvin Oxenham).  The aim of the course is to addresses the possibilities, limitations and strategies related to character education in distance and online delivery contexts.

    After reading one chapter from the textbook, you will engage with your own context by producing a practical project. 

    Course Outcomes

    This course will provide you with an overview of the possibilities, limitations and strategies of educating character through distance and online delivery modes as compared to other models of delivery. 

    Course content

    • The 'cloud' model for character education
    • Other models
    • Producing a project for online character education 

    Other courses in this series

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    This course is authored by Dr Marvin Oxenham. Marvin is the ICETE Academy Director, General Secretary of the ECTE and Programme Leader for the MA in Theological Education programme at the London School of Theology.  He is the author of Character and  Virtue in Theological Education from which this course is drawn.

    Delivery mode

    This is a self-paced online course.


    This is a nanocourse, entailing 2 hours of learning.

    ICETE Academy points

    2 points.

    Completion requirements

    You will need to read one book chapter, draft a project  to implement character education in an online environment and report on a conversation with a colleague about the content of this course.

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