D/OTE Competences

Competences for Distance and Online Theological Education


As the COVID-19 pandemic has driven many theological colleges around the world to implement distance and online education, the need for training in these modes of delivery has become apparent.  In 2021, over 100 experts from 35 countries of the world were involved in a consultation that determined seven key categories and 21 specific competences that are needed for online and distance theological education. These are summarised in the  Distance and Online Theological Education Competence framework - D/OTEC.

This preparatory course introduces these competences and provides as self-evaluation exercise to analyse your needs in relation to your context.  This course is propaedeutical to all other foundational and advanced D/OTE courses. 

Course Outcomes

The specific competences developed in this course are:

  1. The ability to perform a self-assessment and needs analysis based on an understanding of the D/OTEC
  2. The ability to produce a suitable learning plan for developing competences in distance and online theological education, that makes reference to institutional contexts.

Course content
  • Introducing the D/OTEC
  • Contextual competences in D/OTE
  • Pedagogical competences in D/OTE
  • Learning Design competences in D/OTE
  • Professional competences in D/OTW
  • Community competences in D/OTW
  • Technology competences in D/OTE
  • Communication competences in D/OTE
  • D/OTEC Self-evaluation questionnaire
  • Develop a learning plan


The D/OTEC that is at the basis of this course was developed by consulting over 100 theological educators from 35 countries.  You can find their names here.  Special appreciation is due to Overseas Council Australia for their sponsorship in the D/OTE series within the Local Online: A Global Strategy.

Delivery mode

This is a self-paced online course.


2 hours of learning

ICETE Academy points

2 points

Completion requirements

To complete the course you need to engage with a set of instructional videos, take a self-evaluation questionnaire and develop your learning plan for D/OTE competences.

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