D/OTE Competences

Learning Design in D/OTE


Design is an important aspect underlying our everyday lives, for when things are well-designed they function well for their intended purpose.  This is also true when it comes to learning design, where we shift our focus from what we as teachers do, to design what our students should do in order to achieve the desired learning outcomes. In distance and online theological education, learning design is particularly relevant,  and as theological educators we need to develop new competences in designing learning, in using media and online resources and in designing delivery patterns for D/OTE.

This is a Foundations in  D/OTEC course which introduces basic learning design competences in distance and online theological education as defined by the Distance and Online Theological Education Competence framework (see D/OTEC,  category C). 

Course Outcomes

The specific competences developed in this course are:

  1. The ability to explain what D/OTE learning design is and what is being assumed
  2. The ability to provide examples of D/OTE learning design grids
  3. The ability to explain the purpose of media in D/OTE
  4. The ability to explain delivery patterns in D/OTE
  5. The ability to provide examples of a variety of delivery patterns

Course content
  • Examples of learning design tools
  • Media and learning design
  • Delivery patterns in D/OTE
  • Pros and cons of D/OTE delivery patterns


This course is co-authored by an international team representing five countries:   Rob Hayden (US), Diane Hockridge (Australia), Manal Mekhael (Egypt) and  Billy Sichone (Zambia) and  Taimaya Ragui (India).  


Delivery mode

This is a self-paced online course.


4 hours of learning

ICETE Academy points

4 points

Completion requirements

To complete the course you need to engage with a set of instructional resources and videos, apply learning design skills to your own context and pass a self-grading quiz on key terms. Before taking this foundational level course in the D/OTE series you need to complete the 2-hour preparatory level course  Competences for Distance and Online Theological Education

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