D/OTE Competences

Pedagogy in D/OTE


Distance and online education are not simple, especially when it comes to using appropriate pedagogical approaches.  There are, in fact some key differences between distance/online and face-to-face (f2f) teaching and these differences should impact the way we teach and assess.  But, as theological educators who believe in a holistic approach to education which includes not only academic learning and practical skills, but also spiritual formation and character education, we also need to reflect on how this kind of holistic learning can be facilitated in contexts of distance and online delivery.

This is a Foundations in  D/OTEC course which introduces basic pedagogical competences in distance and online theological education as defined by the Distance and Online Theological Education Competence framework (see D/OTEC,  category B). 

Course Outcomes

The specific competences developed in this course are:

    1. The ability to explain differences in learning between Distance or Online Theological Education (D/OTE) and face-to-face (f2f) learning
    2. The ability to explain how a holistic vision of theological education can happen in D/OTE
    3. The ability to respond to objections about the feasibility of holistic D/OTE
    4. The ability to associate basic principles and practices of assessment to D/OTE design and delivery
    Course content
    • How is pedagogy different for online teaching?
    • Holistic learning in D/OTE
    • Basic principles and practices of assessment in D/OTE
    • Types of D/OTE assessment
    • Responding to objections about D/OTE and holistic learning


    This course is co-authored by an international team representing six countries:   Victor Priest Chukwuma (Nigeria),  Paul Clark (US), Pauline Golder (Australia),   Rob Hayden (US), Diane Hockridge (Australia), Manal Mekhael (Egypt) and  Billy Sichone (Zambia).  


    Delivery mode

    This is a self-paced online course.


    4 hours of learning

    ICETE Academy points

    4 points

    Completion requirements

    To complete the course you need to engage with a set of instructional resources and videos, reflect on your own D/OTE teaching practices and respond to possible objections to D/OTE holistic learning possibilities and pass a self-grading quiz on key terms.  Before taking this foundational level course in the D/OTE series you need to complete the 2-hour preparatory level course Competences for Distance and Online Theological Education

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