Supervising Doctoral Students - Part B


This course and the one that precedes it (Supervising Doctoral Students - Part A) address issues and best practices related to supervising and mentoring students in the dissertation phase of their doctoral studies. It is designed to orient and better equip faculty who take on these supervisory and mentoring roles. 

The course is designed around the reading of the “Handbook for Supervisors of Doctoral Students in Evangelical Theological Institutions,” by Ian J. Shaw, with Kevin E. Lawson (ICETE, Langham Global Library, 2015) with written assignments growing out of that reading.

Course Outcomes

Those completing this course will better understand the role and various tasks of supervising doctoral students in their research, including: developing a research culture at your school, helping students with their writing, developing administrative support for doctoral students, providing holistic support of students during their research and writing, and preparing students for the examination of their dissertations/theses. 

Course content
  • Introduction
  • Developing a research culture 
  • Administrative support
  • Preparing for the examination
  • Holistic development 


This course is co-authored by Dr. Kevin E. Lawson and Dr Ian Shaw. 

Kevin serves as co-chair of the ICETE Doctoral Initiatives Steering Committee (DISC). He has over 25 years of experience in doctoral education at Talbot School of Theology. Ian is CEO of the OPAL Trust, and Hon. Fellow, University of Edinburgh. He was the chair of the ICETE Doctoral Initiative Steering Committee from 2012-18, and has been involved in doctoral education with UK universities and a range of Majority World theological institutions for over 25 years.

The course is created in partnership with the International Council for Evangelical Theological Education (ICETE) Doctoral Initiative Steering Committee (DISC). The course text, “Best Practice Guidelines for Doctoral Programs” (ICETE, Langham Global Library, 2015) is available in digital format from Langham Global Library.

Delivery mode

This is a self-paced online course.


10 hours of learning

ICETE Academy points

10 points

Completion requirements

You will need to complete the learning sections, respond to set of engage-questions and complete a final test. 

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