Consulting with Wisdom and Grace


The process of consultancy is widespread and fruitful in global theological education. However, the role of “consultant” in theological education is often ambiguous and misunderstood.

Consultants need to understand both their capacity and their limitations, and to develop attitudes and behaviours that bring both wisdom and compassion to the organisation being served.  This is ever more true for those involved in consultancy in relation to theological education. 

If you are a consultant, or aspire to a service of consultancy, this course will equip you with basic knowledge and understanding of the types, as well as the processes and the cultural dimensions of consultancy.  This course will also look at the qualifications and character of a good consultant and help you self-assess yourself accordingly

Course Outcomes

By the end of this course you should be in a position to better understand the difference between consultancy and training, be aware of the different types of consultancy and the sort of organisational needs that your expertise may be able to support, restate the basic stages of consultancy, be sensitised to potential cultural challenges to the consultancy process and undertake a personal self-assessment based on the characteristics of wise and gracious consultants.

Course content
  • The Distinction between Consultancy and Training.   
  • Types of Consultancy.
  • The Character of a Good Consultant.
  • The Process of Consultancy.  
  • Culture and Consultancy.  
  • Some Final Words.


This course is authored by Dr Perry Shaw. For many years Perry served as Professor of Education at the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary in Beirut and is currently Researcher in Residence at Morling College (Sydney, Australia).  Perry is the author of Transforming Theological Education and has many years of experience in consulting with theological schools across the globe as they seek to create and implement multidimensional purpose-driven curricula that promote the development of missional leadership. Perry's areas of expertise include theological education, higher education, curriculum, teaching methodology, intercultural leadership, and research methodology

Delivery mode

This is a self-paced online course.


10 hours of learning (online work and project)

ICETE Academy points

10 points

Completion requirements

You will need to complete the learning sections, post a set of discussions relative to recommendations and implications and pass a final quiz.

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