Reviewing Research Ethics Applications

  • Description

    Perhaps you have been asked to join a seminary or organisational institutional research ethics committee (or review board), and you are not sure how to go about undertaking reviews. Or, you and your colleagues may already be researchers, and you sense the importance of ensuring that the research you undertake meets recognised standards, including the ethics of the research. 

    If so, you will benefit from the guidelines in this course related to reviewing human participant research ethics applications.

    Course Outcomes

    You will be introduced to the tasks of research ethics review committees, a typical research ethics approval process, what to look for in research ethics applications and how to prepare a research ethics application review.

    Course content
    • The task of research ethics committees
    • A typical research ethics approval process
    • What to look for in research ethics applications
    • How to prepare a research ethics application review
    • A checklist for research ethics reviews
    • Prepare and perform a review


    This course is authored by Allan Harkness, the founding dean of AGST Alliance (Asia Graduate School of Theology in SE Asia). Now resettled in New Zealand, Allan is a theological education consultant for LeaDev-Langham (NZ) and Overseas Council Australia, and Advisory Director of AGST Alliance. Allan has been on medical and human participant research ethics committees since the 1990s, in Singapore and New Zealand. He is presently a member of the University of Auckland Human Participants Ethics Committee and Chair of the AGST Alliance (SE Asia) Human Participants Ethics Panel. He also supervises doctoral candidates in their educational/social science research ventures.

    Delivery mode

    This is a self-paced online course. 


    2 hours of learning.

    ICETE Academy points

    2 points.

    Completion requirements

    You will need to complete the learning sections, prepare, and submit a research ethics application.

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