Lecturing: A Critical Assessment


This is a course that deals critically with the lecture, as the main teaching and learning tool  that is used in theological education.  This course will help engage the lecture to know when to use it and how it can best promote active learning.

Course Outcomes

Students completing this course will be equipped with a deeper understanding of the potential and limitations of lecturing, as well as with some practical competences in improving their lecturing. 

Course content
  • Instructional methodologies and the lecture
  • Teaching by lecture alone?
  • Is the lecture dead?
  • Good lecturing and the rediscovery of rhetoric
  • Death by Powerpoint


This course is authored by Dr Marvin Oxenham. Marvin is the ICETE Academy Director, General Secretary of the ECTE and Programme Leader for the MA in Theological Education programme at the London School of Theology. He lives in Rome, Italy.  His fields of expertise are in educational philosophy, character education, accreditation and online education. 

Course materials are authored by Dr Marvin Oxenham and are delivered through the Postgraduate Programmes in Theological Education offered by London School of Theology.

Delivery mode

This is a self-paced online course.


10 hours of learning (online work and project)

ICETE Academy points

10 points

Completion requirements

You will need to complete the learning sections, write a reflective report and compile a list of do's and don'ts. 

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