Fresh Explorations of Online Efficacy

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    A lot is being written about online theological education.  Some of it is mediocre.  Some is good. And some is very good. 

    For more than 50 years the ATS journal Theological Education has published scholarly discourse and reports on issues and trends, research findings and resources, and models of critical analysis and effective practice in graduate theological education.  The recent issue 'Online Theological Education' (2019, Vol. 52, No. 2)  features a set of articles exploring the efficacy of online theological education that are both refreshing, scholarly and practical. Here is a chance to engage with this publication and receive ICETE Academy certification for your learning.

    Course Outcomes

    This nanocourse course will allow you to apply a set of original perspectives relating to online efficacy to your context.

    Course content

    • Neurobiological Data on What Online Education Could Be Doing to Our Spirituality and Our Brains: Some Augustinian/Niebuhrian Reflections (Ellingsten).
    • Instructional Designers and Online Theological Education: May We Help You? (Moore).
    • Makeshifting the LMS: Strategies and Tactics in the Digital Classroom (Smith).
    • Gaming the System: Online Spiritual Formation in Christian Higher Education (Stark).


    This course draws on materials made available by the  ATS to the ICETE Academy through their journal Theological Education.

    Delivery mode

    This is a self-paced online course.


    This is a nanocourse, entailing 2 hours of learning.

    ICETE Academy points

    2 points.

    Completion requirements

    You will need to read two articles of your choice, list possible applications to your context and share a brief review in your social media.

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