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    Are you a professional educator that has never systematically studied the 'educational' side of theological education?  If so, you are in good company, as most theology teachers are highly trained in theology and rarely trained in education. 

    The ICETE Academy was founded to address this need, offering many short educational courses to build educational capacity. But where to start?  What is the discipline of 'theological education', how is it articulated, what is the value and purpose of education and what might its fundamental objectives be?    But, more to the point, what are the different sub-topics that compose the discipline and how might you compose a learning plan that covers the basic areas that come with the profession?

    This course answers many of these questions and is particularly suited as a first course for all new ICETE Academy Associate Fellows.   In particular, you will engaging with the Theological Education Competence Framework that the ICETE Academy has developed and that will lead you in producing your own learning plan.  

    Course Outcomes

    This course is for those who have never systematically studied the topics of education as they relate to theological education and wish to gain a 'bird's eye view' of the field. The course covers the nature and purpose of theological education, the present situation and an overview of the topics covered in the discipline.  

    Course content
    • Definitions of theological education
    • The value and purpose of theological education
    • The present situation and critiques of theological education
    • The fundamental objectives of theological education and the issue of integration
    • An overview of subjects within the discipline of theological education
    • The ICETE Academy Theological Education Competence Framework 


    This course is written in most parts by Dr Cheesman with narration and some contributions by Dr Marvin Oxenham.  Graham has been involved in theological education for many years, always as a teacher, also as the principal of two theological colleges, the director of  a centre for the study of theological education , an accreditor and consultant in a number of countries and has been an examiner for a number of UK universities. After he left college he became a baptist minster and then a missionary lecturer in Nigeria before returning to the UK. His doctorate is in the bible college movement in the UK. 

    Delivery mode

    This is a self-paced online course.


    10 hours of learning.

    ICETE Academy points

    10 points.

    Completion requirements

    You will need to complete the learning sections, produce a personal learning plan and pass a quiz assessing your basic knowledge and understanding of the course topics.

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