A Theology of Theological Education

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    There are strong critiques of theological education: it takes too much time; it doesn’t produce useful graduates; it is elitist, training only a few at high levels; and it is just too expensive. 

    So, is it really worth it?  How can we articulate a theological framework for theological education?

    This short course touches on a number of key topics, such as a Biblical mandate, the example and provision of God in education, the biblical objectives of teaching and the missio dei that is reflected in theological education.

    If you are looking for encouragement in your work as a theological educator, and for some convincing arguments for the skeptical, this course will suit you well and Dr Hardy has a wonderful gift of positivity for you. 

    Course Outcomes

    This is a course that lays some foundational theological reflections around the nature and purpose of theological education.  It is suitable for all theological educators that are looking both for a method to think theologically about theological education and for some solid starting points to address the basic questions.  

    Course content
    • Is theological education worth the effort?
    • There is a Biblical mandate for training
    • God offers himself as teacher
    • God provides the teachers
    • There are biblical objectives for teaching
    • We teach people
    • Biblical teaching involves methodology for good learning
    • Teaching from who we are in community
    • Learning takes time and involves work – but it’s worth it
    • God is already at work teaching and transforming each of us


    This course is authored by Dr Steve Hardy as an IPAL course.  Steve has worked as a missionary educator in a variety of global settings for about 40 years. He was the director of the Overseas Council Institute for Excellence, served as SIM’s International Coordinator for Theological and is current a senior consultant to ICETE. He has worked with both TEE and upper-level formal theological education. His doctoral work was in missiology looking at areas of learning cross-culturally.

    Delivery mode

    This is a self-paced online course.


    10 hours of learning.

    ICETE Academy points

    10 points.

    Completion requirements

    You will need to complete the learning sections, briefly share your own theology of theological eduction in a discussion forum and a pass short quiz assessing your knowledge and understanding of some of the theological issues discussed in the course. 

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