Institutional Readiness

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    What does it take for a school to be "ready" for offering an online theological education program?  

    This was the basic question that motivated the Overseas Council Institute for Excellence in Africa in 2019.  Through this course you will learn how various areas of an educational institution need to be readied for the task of training leaders through online education.  You will be exposed to the thinking of online theological education, as well as the dimensions of readiness for effective online theological education.  

    Particular attention will be given to the mission of theological education as it shapes online delivery, along with possibilities and challenges of the uses of online delivery in theological education.  

    This course draws on a variety of expert contributors who presented during the Overseas Council Institute for Excellence in the Anglophone West Africa Region (April 2019 in Accra).

    Course Outcomes

    This course provides a basic understanding of online theological education and addresses specific questions of institutional readiness that can benefit schools that are considering online delivery. 

    Course content
    • Readiness for Online Theological Education:  A question of our thinking - Drs. Paul Allan Clark and Victor Cole
    • Institutional Support Readiness - Dr. John Jusu
    • Technical Support Readiness - Dr. Paul Clark (and Prof. Tim Bahula)
    • Course Structure and Curriculum Readiness - Prof. David Situma 
    • Course Development and Instructional Design Readiness - Dr. Victor Cole
    • Teaching and Learning Readiness - Dr. Rob Hayden
    • Teacher / Faculty Support Readiness - Prof. David Situma
    • Student Support Readiness - Prof. Brian Dix 
    • Evaluation & Assessment Readiness - Dr. Rob Hayden


    This course is authored by Dr Paul Clark as an Overseas Council course. Paul is Education Consultant for Overseas Council USA.  He has been involved in organising and leading many Institutes for Excellence in many parts of the world and brings various levels of expertise and resources to the world of theological education.  He specialises in theological reflection of the human being as learner, and its ramifications for theological teaching 

    Delivery mode

    This is delivered as a semi-synchronous, cohort-based course running from 8 June - 5 July 2020 that will be assessed through formative course participation a self-grading quiz.  It is also available as a self-paced course here.


    10 hours of learning.

    ICETE Academy points

    10 points.

    Completion requirements

    You will need to complete the learning sections, contribute in discussion forums as you apply what you have learned to your context, participate in the live webinar and pass a short quiz assessing your knowledge and understanding of institutional readiness for online education. 

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