Technology to Enhance True Learning

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    The "how" of education includes a wide variety of "delivery modes" that can be used for all levels of education and in a variety of different subjects. In theological education, the traditional delivery mode in many colleges has been residential study, where students come to live together on a campus and engage in face to face contact with each other, with their lecturers, mentors and trainers within a physical learning community. Other delivery modes include theological education by extension, evening classes, weekend training, church-based training, summer schools, intensives, correspondence courses and many other variations. 

    Enter online education. For nearly 50 years now, computers have been used for education and a new delivery mode has gained substantial ground (education was actually one of the first uses for computers in the 1960s). The phenomenal expansion of the Internet has generated an increasing volume of educational providers, approaches and technologies that are engaged in what has been variously called e-learning (the "e" standing for electronic), online education, distance education, distance learning, web-based learning, computer based learning, technology-enhanced learning, and so on.

    The advantages of this mode of delivery are incredible. Students can study from home or office without having to leave work or ministry. They can also study in the times that suit them best, pace themselves according to your own style, and enjoy the opportunity of studying with people from all over the world.  But there are also many challenges and limitations.

    This brief course will initiate your exploration into these issues by exposing you to a careful selection of articles and readings from those that are at the forefront of the debates.

    Course Outcomes

    This course is designed to introduce some of the issues and debates around online theological education.  The course is a suitable primer for anyone who is considering online education or is unsure about its value for theological education.

    Course content
    • Online learning for beginners
    • Some debates and issues
    • Online learning and relationships
    • Online theological education
    • The revolution that is coming
    • Your experience of technology


    This course is authored by Dr Marvin Oxenham. Marvin is the ICETE Academy Director, General Secretary of the ECTE and Programme Leader for the MA in Theological Education programme at the London School of Theology. He lives in Rome, Italy.  His fields of expertise are in educational philosophy, character education, accreditation and online education. 

    Course materials are delivered through the Postgraduate Programmes in Theological Education offered by London School of Theology.

    Delivery mode

    This is a self-paced online course.


    10 hours of learning.

    ICETE Academy points

    10 points.

    Completion requirements

    You will need to complete the learning sections, reflect on your experience of technology in a discussion forum and pass a quiz testing your basic knowledge and understanding of selected aspects of online education. 

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