The Reflective TEE Course Writer

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    Increase Association has offered TEE course writing training during 2017-18 that has entailed three workshops and significant research and writing on each side of the workshops. Over this time participants have developed and sharpened up many skills relating to effective course writing. But, more than that, they have also invested themselves into the writing process.

    This short ICETE Academy course is designed to help TEE course writers reflect on how they have been shaped as they have immersed themselves in the course writing process; and where and how they sense God has been present.

    On completion of this course, TEE course writers will have sharpened up their ability to be a reflective TEE course writer, reflected on who they are as a person undertaking course writing task, and identified where God has been in the process, with its ups and downs, challenges and opportunities.

    Course Outcomes

    This course helps writers of theological education by extension courses to reflect on how the writing process has impacted their person. The course is particularly suitable for individuals who have been involved in the INCREASE workshops that train TEE writers.

    Course content
    • Being a TEE Course Writer
    • Being a reflective TEE Course Writer
    • Reflecting on competencies for TEE course writers


    This course is authored by Dr Allan Harkness. Allan has been involved in theological education in SE Asia for most of the time since 1988, including as the founding dean of AGST Alliance (2004-2015).  Now resettled in NZ, Allan is continuing to build on his Asian experience in theological education as Programmes and Partnerships Manager of LeaDev-Langham. This role brings him into partnership with Asian-Pacific seminaries for leadership, program and curriculum development and faculty enrichment, to enrich and/equip them to more effectively build a responsive Church in Asia.

    Delivery mode

    This is a self-paced online course that presupposes previous participation in Increase Association's TEE course writer workshops. 


    10 hours of learning.

    ICETE Academy points

    10 points.

    Completion requirements

    You will need to complete the learning sections, experiment with a method of theological reflection related to course writing and produce a piece of reflective processing.  

    Course enrolment key

    Write to Allan Harkness for the course Enrolment key.

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