TEE Course Writer Workshops (1 and 2)

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    This event-based course provides an opportunity for those who have completed the Theological Education by Extension (TEE) Course Writer Workshop (1) to receive ICETE Academy credit for participation in and work associated with that workshop.  

    The purpose of the workshop series is to train a new generation of TEE course writers using learning methods that are locally appropriate, are transformational in nature, and enhance the core values and methods of TEE and SEAN. 

    See also TEE Course Writer Workshop (2)

    Learning outcomes

    The learning outcomes that you will demonstrate through completion of this course are the knowledge and understanding of foundational principles to develop ideas for a theological education by extension course and the ability to describe a situation, describe learners and formulate an appropriate plan.

    Course content
    • Who are the adult learners?  The critically reflective teacher
    • What is experiential learning? What is the process of learning? (Kolb)
    • What is transformative learning? (Mezirow, Gorman)
    • What is the dialogical method of teaching? (Freire and Vella)
    • Produce your learning biography
    • Design an adult learning experience
    • Write about your philosophy of adult teaching  


    This course is authored by Dr Nicholas Ivins as an Increase Association course.   Nicholas works with several international teams that have a focus on transformative learning. These ministries include Increase Association, Asia Theological Association, Entrust4, More Than a Mile Deep, and With International Community

    Delivery mode

    This is a self-paced online course.


    10 hours of learning (online work and project)

    ICETE Academy points

    10 points

    Completion requirements

    Increase Association course writers have already done most of the work to complete this course during the workshops, and this is a chance to demonstrate it. 

    To complete this course you must upload the charts that you developed at the workshop in the ENGAGE section and complete a self-grading quiz in the TEST section (minimum grade 8/10) to show evidence of your understanding of the concepts that you and your team engaged with at CWW 1.  To prepare for this quiz you are advised to review the main ideas that you learned about in CWW (1) through the workshop documents will be available in the LEARN section for you to view and download.

    Course enrolment key

    This is a reserved course.  Write to Nicholas Ivins for the Enrolment key.

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