D/OTE Competences

Leading and Implementing Online Programs


This is one of the seven, advanced-level courses in the Distance and Online Theological Education Competencies (D/OTEC) series. It builds on a corresponding foundational-level nano-course in the series: Professionality in D/OTE. This nano-course equips you to contribute to leading and implementing a quality and sustainable online program in your theological institution.It is designed for participants in leadership roles who have input into decisions about distance/online education at their institution (e.g., principals, deans, learning coordinators, administrators, IT coordinators).

You should find this course helpful if:

  • you are exploring how to develop or expand online programs at your institution;
  • you have some people in your institution on-board with developing or expanding online learning;
  • you want to put your plans and ideas about online learning into practice;
  • you want some guidance on good practice in leading change in your institution.
Course Outcomes

The specific competences developed in this course are:

  1. Can evaluate advantages and disadvantages of different kinds of media
  2. Can make use of open educational resources and existing media in learning design
Course content
  • How to assess your institution's readiness for change and identify key starting points
  • How to apply appropriate quality standards to implement and sustain online learning in your context
  • Examples and reflections to help you make an outline for a draft plan for implementing an online program incorporating ideas from this course

This course was co-authored by Ravin Caldera, Dr Diane Hockridge, Dr Rhonda McEwen and Dr David Turnbull. 

  Ravin Diane  Rhonda  David Turnbull

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This is a self-paced online course.


3 hours of learning

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