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Envisioning Competence-based Theological Education and Micro-credentials

This course awards 25 ICETE Academy points for the successful completion of a micro-credential delivered through an ICETE residential intensive. Upload of the digital micro-credential is required. This course is reserved for participants in the Competency-based Theological Education and Micro-credentials workshop (13-16 February 2024).

To enrol, contact marvin.oxenham(at)

Formal and Non-formal Theological Education in Dialogue - C22

This course builds on the ICETE's Consultation in 2021 and 2022, addressing the issues and strategies resulting from the dialogue between formal and non-formal theological education. This course is suitable for practitioners in both formal and non-formal theological education.  Although initially designed as an event-based course for participants, the course had been modified to allow non participants to also meet the basic learning outcomes through viewing of keynote speeches, reading of documents and reading and participation in discussion forums.  

Self-Enrolment Key: C-21/22

Innovation for Today’s Changing World

This course journeys into a culture of innovation, exploring what it is, and why it is critical to remaining effective in fulfilling your mission in theological education. This is a 2 hour, self-paced online nanocourse that requires a piece of reflective writing and a quiz.

Self Enrolment key: IA0059

Teacher: Robert Wassel

Imagining the New Normal

This course provides you with an opportunity to look ahead to the post-COVID-19 times, imagining what the “new normal” for theological education and the church might look like  This is a 2 hour, self-paced online nanocourse that requires watching a set of short videos from theological educators around the world and sharing a video with your own reflections. 

Course Enrolment Key:  OC007

Teacher: Paul Clark

The Future Church

This course presents the work of the Asia Theological Association's General Assembly in 2019 (Singapore).  A number of younger leaders from different parts of Asia gather with seasoned theological educators to share on topics and issues relevant to the next generation and how the church and theological institutions can possibly address them. This course is well suited for anyone working in theological education in the region.  This is a 10 hour, self-paced online course that will be assessed through a project and a self-grading quiz. 

Course Enrolment  Key:  ATA002

Teacher: Theresa Lua

The Future of Theological Education

This course is designed to critically engage with some of the trends in higher education and theological education, as well as look at changes happening and likely to happen. The course is suitable for those that are not looking for easy solutions, but are interested in the solid research, reports and resources that is feeding the ongoing conversation.  This is a 10 hour, self-paced online course that will be assessed through a project and a self-grading quiz. 

Course Enrolment key:  LST007

New Models in Theological Education

This course reviews principles of leadership and practice in implementing innovations and new models in theological programs, based on the research project of Overseas Council.  This course is suitable for both leaders and teachers in theological programs who desire to bring change to their theological education models.  This is a 10 hour, self-paced online course that will be assessed through a project and a reflective summary paper.  

Course Enrolment key:  OC005

Teacher: Paul Clark